Thursday, 17 January 2013

SEO Interview Questions

Here is some basic questions of SEO.

What is a Search Engine?
Define SEO?
Explain distinct types of SEO practice?
What are the different techniques used in Off-page SEO?
What are Meta Tags?
Why is a Robots.txt File Used?
Title Tag SEO Importance?
What is Cloaking SEO?
What is the most difficult aspect of SEO ?
What SEO tools do you regularly use?
What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Why does Google Rank Wikipedia for so many topics?
What Is a Sitemap?
What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
How to create an SEO Friendly Website Design Structure?
What is Black Hat SEO Techniques?
What is the difference between blog and artical ?
Define blog, article & press release?
What is crawler?
Name of crawlers of search engines?
What Google algorithm?
Difference between keyword & keyword phrase?
Can you tell me some Black Hat SEO techniques?
Differentiate ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’?
Define Page Rank ?
Establish a difference between PR & SERP.
What is Cache?
What is indexing?
Define Alt tag?
What is PPC?
What are the aspects in SEO?
Define Alexa?
What is inbound and outbound links?
Difference between HTML sitemap and XML sitemap?
What is cloaking?
How to create SEO friendly url structure ?
What do you thing about link buying?
What strategies would you implement for backlinks?
What do you think about social media in SEO strategy?
Define and Differentiate Webmaster Tool & Analytics Tool?
What do you know about Keyword stemming.keyword frequency,keyword density.keyword promenency,keyword proximity,keyword stufffing ?
What is LSI ?
How to find competitor of your site ?