Friday, 18 January 2013

SEO Friendly URL Structure

In this article we are going to discuss on URL Structure of site.  URL structure means how URL is appear. It is the basic and useful for your site indexing other thing is that it can we penalty of your website. So , it is very important to create a crawler friendly URL.
There are few basic element of URL.
Elements of a URL :
1. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
2. Domain Name
3. Top Level Domain

Some basic things you have to remember to create your URL.

Length of the URL : The length of your URL should be 3 to 5 words. According to Matt Cutts,head of Google’s web spam team, [Google] algorithms typically will just weight those words less and just not give you as much credit.

EX : (use)

Keep it simple: Url should be simple and understandable. It should be describe what is on the page. Use words instead of numbers and special characters.

Ex: (use) (avoid)

Use Dashes instead of underscores : Inside the URL structure dashes are more preferable as Google. Matt Cutts also define Dashes vs. underscores.

Ex .

Case Sensitive : URL is case sensitive. Don't try to use capital letters in URL. Because most inbound links will use lower case letters which will not effect your site if your URL is in upper case.

Canonical issue : Many websites are using these types of URL





If your site having these all types of URL then your have to fix it with using 301 redirection. Use .htaccess file for creating 301 redirection and upload it on the server.These are very confusable for search engines. Use type of URL, because this type of URL give you the best indexing result.

Use Keywords : If you are trying to getting rank of keyword, it should be include not only in your page but also in URL. Avoid keyword stuffing and keyword stemming.
URL describe the content of page.

Static URL and Dynamic URL : Both URL have advantages and disadvantages.

Static URL: This type of URLs are create once not changeable after creation. It does not have any parameter or valuable string.

1) Static URLs are indexed faster and ranked higher in SERPs.
2) It is use for ling term SEO benefits.
3) It is easier to insert relevant keywords in Static URLs rather than in Dynamic URLs.
4) Static URLs are easy to understand.

Dynamic URL:
1) It is generating from specific query.
2) Dynamic URLs cannot be crawled.
3) Dynamic URLs are okay if you use fewer than three parameters.

It is showing like

You can rewrite you Dynamic URL as Static using mod_rewrite. In it you are hiding your parameters or values (avoid it)